DCP Deliveries

Commune Image offers DCP mastering services (2K, 4K, 3D) with or without encryption, in compliance with DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) norms. All our DCPs are checked and screened before delivery.
We also make PADs, DVDs and Blurays.



Standards and media preparation:
Image 2K UpScale (Scope ou Flat) – from master (all file types)
Harmonization / Varispeed audio – by stems
Subtitles standards for DCP
DCDM (Digital Cinema Distribution Master) creation
JPEG2000 (RGB to X’Y’Z) encoding format
DCP encapsulation (Interop ou SMPTE)
Transportation support copy (Rack CRU, disk, UBB key– Ext3) and duplications.
Checks within our screening room on our digital cinema projector.

Contact Postproduction Lab

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